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When should kids get their eyes checked?

Have you ever asked your child if they could see something clearly? Or maybe you’ve noticed your little toddler is squinting at you? It’s easy to assume that babies have better eyesight than adults because they’ve just been born and all their organs are new. But that’s not the case.

Here’s a fact: children cannot tell the difference between clear and blurred vision because they don’t have the life experience to differentiate the two concepts.

This article aims to shed light on two questions: a) when should my child get their eyes checked? b) what are the signs that me, as a parent, should be able to see to trigger an optical check up?

For the first question, here’s a general guide as to when you should have your kid’s eyes checked:

These are the recommended ages for your kid to have their optical check ups

  1. 6 months

  2. 3 years old

  3. Before they start attending school

  4. Every two years after they start attending school

Now that you have an idea of when your child should get their eyes checked, what about the second question? As a parent, what are the signs you should be aware of?

Signs to look out for about your baby’s eyesight

  1. History of premature birth

  2. They have or you notice developmental delays

  3. Have or experience crossed eyes

  4. You have family history of eye conditions

  5. Signs to have your toddlers and younger kid’s eyes checked

    1. They have high refractive error

    2. They are wearing or prescribed to wear glasses or contact lenses

In the early stages of their lives, parents are the only barometer the children have for their health, especially when it comes to their eyes. If you see any of these signs in your kids’ eyes, EyeSite Mandaluyong has a Pediatric Comprehensive Eye Check Up performed by Pediatric Ophthalmology specialists that are experts when it comes to kids and their eye health.

Call 0966-950-1464 to book your consultation.


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