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Why too much sugar is not sweet for the eyes

Enjoying a sweet treat every now and then is harmless. What isn't is when sugar becomes excessive in our diet. We all know that sugar indulgence can lead to tooth decay and cause real damage to our body. But did you know that this also includes our eyes? In fact, excess sugar in the body can have a severe and long-term impact on the eyes and vision.

Can lead to blindness

Too much sugar in the blood can damage the blood vessels of the retina and can lead to diabetic retinopathy and, without early treatment, even blindness. The retina is the tissue at the back of the eyes that turns light into images. The longer you have diabetes and the more uncontrolled your blood sugar is, the more likely you'll develop diabetic retinopathy.

Can cause blurry vision

Consuming refined sugar can elevate your blood glucose levels, especially if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes. High blood sugar can cause the eye's lens to swell, which can lead to blurry vision.

Can cause glaucoma

The condition happens when high levels of blood sugar and blood pressure blocks the flow of fluid in the eyes. The resulting increase of pressure in the inner eye has the ability to damage optic nerves and cause blindness. Glaucoma typically shows no early symptoms or warning signs of the pressure buildup, so people are unaware that they're at risk of losing their sight permanently.

Speeds up damage to eye lens

Sugar is an inflammatory food, which means it can speed up the deterioration of cells throughout the body, and can damage the kidneys, nerves, heart, and eye lens when consumed in unhealthy amounts. Excessive sugar in the body can cause Type 2 Diabetes and this can cause eye diseases like cataracts to develop earlier and progress faster. Through aging, the most common eye conditions developed by individuals aged 50 and above are cataracts in the eye's lens. Those with uncontrollable blood sugar or living with diabetes are more likely to develop this condition earlier and faster in life.

If you have diabetes or high blood sugar, or are showing symptoms of said conditions, see an eye doctor immediately. Having your eyes checked by an Ophthalmologist can even lead to better management of other health conditions. To schedule an appointment, give EyeSite Mandaluyong a call at (0966) 9501-464 or visit us at Level C, Williams Center, Williams St., corner Mayflower St., Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City. (pinned on Waze and Google Maps).

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